Sunday, February 05, 2006

Drawings of Mohammed

I guess everybody knows what has happened now. Some drawings of the moslems prophet Muhammed got published in the danish newspaperJyllandsposten and the norwegian newspaper Magazinet. In Islam, there is no tolerance for creating pictures of their rolemodel. Though they have done this for many years themselves now, they choose to react when some scandinavian countries does it. Just seems like a good time to do so, apparently! At least 7000 moslems in Denmark has signed under a protest, that demands that the state of Denmark makes it illegal to disrespect ( oh, what a clichè ) their prophet. So we STILL got to teach the moslem immigrants about democracy and freedom of speach?! Well, aint that wonderful. And besides that, we got millions of millions of moslems around the world that declares revenge and revenge again,against Norway and Denmark. And the only politican that can speak for himself properly, without buttkissing these people, is prime minister in Denmark; Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Here in Norway, we act good and friendly, like we always do- which is a good thing- but not if you at the same time dont express that freedom of speach is extremely important. Freedom of speach is actually the thing that makes a democracy work. I will never give up my freedom of speach for moslems, or anyone. It is way too important. We dont have to like what everybode publish, writes and says, but we got to accept their right to do so. We cant go around and threaten them to death! We europeans have learned this a long time ago- well most of us- and now its time that the moslems learn this too. Instead of attacking our democracies, they could perhaps, i dont know...create their own?


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