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Hi and welcome to the zionist website

I am not afraid to say that I support Israel - the land created for the Jews. Although Zionism may be seen as a racist ideology, it is quite sick that some people who actually have read about Zionism still characterize it as just that. Zionism is a way of thinking that the Jews have had for many hundreds of years, because where ever they were, they got beaten up, killed, spit on etc, and in most places they didn’t have the same rights as others. And they still don’t in some Arabic/Moslem countries! So is it so hard to realize that the Jews need to have their own land? The only Jewish land in the world? Is it so hard to believe, that Israel would be that place? The place where Jews have lived in for about 4000 years - the only place they could truly call theirs? Not only because it says so in the bible, but also because it’s the only place where Jews have been since.... since how long we have known about history. Let me also remind you that because of the Arab terror down there, the Israeli’s must defend themselves with the wall and with military defense. As soon as the terror stops- the wall will go down and the Palestinians will have equal rights, in their own country. But right now, Israeli soldiers MUST check Arabs crossing the borders if they have weapons or bombs. History shows us that more lives will be lost if the Israelis don’t take these things into consideration. Zionists should support Israel and the Jews, but also have the ability to reflect on each situation. They should also, like myself, have the ability to see what situation that were made by Israelis, was wrong, and what was not. But we must keep in mind that the media all around the world, with my Home Country Norway not being an exception I’m afraid, lies constantly about Israel. They do not only lie, but the tell us fragments of the truth, which gives us an un-balanced picture- and that truly also is a lie in the end. I have nothing against Palestinians (as we call them), but I DO have something against the fact that some of them, among others, do not want to make peace with Israel. Many people around the world, of all races, and even spokesmen of all religions, want to annihilate Israel and/or annihilate Jews. I want to tell them that their wish wont be so easy, though I understand very well if some people out there think that Israel will get annihilated. (Hint hint; Iran) And I want to tell you that we all should make the best of the situation and not sit back and think, "I am right, therefore I should win and you should lose". The conflict between Israeli’s and Palestinians should be, in the end, a win-win situation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting to meet a Zionist from Norway! I look forward to see how your site will develop.

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Anonymous Oren said...

Greatful to see this. And I agree. Israel, thoughl, always reflected on its own actions much more than the Arab nation.

Misdevelopments in Israeli politics have always been needs - not wishes. Wars, Settlements and today the fence (it mainly is not a wall but a fence)are not policies Israel likes to follow, it needs to do so

As soon as there is more reflection and adjustment by the Arab site, Israel will be more than ready to act equaly. And Israel has proven this. Israel gave up territories for peace with Egypt and Jordania.

Even the latest unilateral policies were all motivated by needs, not wishes.

Keep up the work. And much success

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Anonymous The Zionist said...

Hi Oren. I absolutely agree with you. The fence is needed, and now the palestinians have to show that they are mature for making peace.

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Anonymous Oren said...

Hamas is not mature for peace.
But more interesting right would be developement with Iran and the cartoons. What do you think?

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Anonymous The Zionist said...

Does Hamas understand what situation they have gotten themselves into?... Now that they are in politics,they have to get much more moderate,to get respect from most of the world. Many countries will not support them with money any longer if they continue their Israel- and Jew-hating propaganda.

..But on the other hand, we see Russia now talking with Hamas, but not Israel. And we know that not a long time ago Russia had a good relationship with Irak when Saddam was the leader of the country...among many other it really is exiting times..Many things may happen.

Are you talking about the anti-semittic cartoons that some moslem countries are publishing now, to "revenge" the drawings of Mohammad?...If so, what a childish thing to know, many arabs thinks that we Europeans ( and USA ) are puppets for the jews....well, they couldnt be more wrong, could they?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only people getting away with MURDER are the Jews and all to keep and Justify what they have

see the proof and the facts,wake up !! They are desdroying the world by design its no accident ,they have been in charge for years,,responsible for the wars and the crminal behavior...The abuse goes unpunished as usual...Im an American I have nothing to do with the middle East but im not STUPID OR BLIND ..IM NOT EASY TO LIE TO...SAVE THE BULLSHIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE..tHE WORLD NEEDS TO CLEAN HOUSE WITH ZIONIST !!! THEN THE WORLD WILL HAVE PEACE.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I belive your right...Its all public record ...People are to easy to trick with the PROPAGANDA MACHINE THE CONTROL ABSOLUTE...TV

We need to put an END to these Criminals, they control our Goverment and our Federal Reserve they have ripped America Off and now they kill our children while we do there dirty work on the palestine people,,There is the real victum of there Evil work...

The Truth must be told
Thanks for the site ill check it out

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a Document they sign to get Isreal ,The Document is on the site above, Its clear they run the goverment and now our military too, The speech by Brnjamin Freeman Tells it all , The truth is alarming to say the least...

Who dragged USA in to the war in 1914 and why ? Most people dont even know the truth...

They are master liers....

This site is right on the money. Nothing like proof to end a despute.How stupid can we be or should i say how crminal ?/


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Site : Ill look into it and if its correctill pread it out thru the hole campus

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please listen to Ben Freedman's speech. This speech has helped thousands of people realize that these "conspiracy theories" are based on fact; they are not silly, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-American, or un-patriotic.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prepare for the Battle
People of all races, religions, and nationalities are growing tired of Zionists, Monarchies, the Rothschilds, and other criminals.

These criminals have been torturing the world for centuries. Some of us have had enough of their abuse.

Click here to learn about it, and prepare for battle.

Even Jews

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A brief history of Israel

1897: Zionism gets established
Jews have been scattered around Europe and Russia for centuries. However, they were never welcome anywhere, except for brief periods. Not surprisingly, many Jews dreamed of having their own nation.
In 1897 Chaim Weizmann, a British Jew, officially announced the creation of the Zionist movement. The goal of Zionism was to create a nation for Jews in Palestine. Their goal was not to make friends around the world, nor to love other nations or other people.

The problem they faced was that the Arabs who were living there had no desire to give it up. Also, Turkey had control of Palestine of this time, and Turkey refused to give any part of Palestine to the Jews.

A few Jews moved into Palestine at this time, but only in small numbers were allowed in, and they could not take the land for their own nation.

The Arabs were not concerned when the first few Jews arrived. The Arabs did not realize what was coming up in the future, just as the Native Americans did not realize what was happening when the Pilgrims landed on their shore. Only after a few years, when the quantity of Jews increased, did the Arabs become angry.

Zionists look for friends in high places
Britain was regarded as a world leader at this time (America in 1900 was not much above Australia in the world's social hierarchy). The Zionists thought that perhaps the British government could somehow help them.
The Zionists needed influence over the British government. They soon noticed a law firm in London in which one of the partners was also a government official. By going to this law firm for any legal help they needed, (or pretended to need), they would have access to a high-level government official. This gave them the opportunity to become friends (at least to a certain extent) with a government official. This contact with the law firm turned out to help them meet other government officials.

The Zionists spent a lot of time contacting British government officials and trying to convince them to help the Zionists cause, but the most the British government was willing to do was in 1903 when they offered to make some land in Uganda available to the Zionists. (Britain still had colonies around the world at this time.)

Since Turkey controlled Palestine, I have to wonder what the Zionists were thinking the British government could do for them. Did they think it was possible that the British government would convince Turkey into allowing a portion of Palestine to become Israel? Or did they think Britain would start a war with Turkey, drive the Turks out of Palestine, and then give Palestine to the Zionists?

The Brits, French, and Zionists try to use each other in WW1
Zionism got established in 1896, but not much happened with it until World War 1.
Exactly what role the Zionists played during World War 1 is a mystery. All we know for certain is that the Zionists were looking for help in creating Israel.

Before I continue, you should be aware that during wars there is a lot of lying, manipulation, spying, fake documents, and double crossing. You cannot expect historians to make sense of events during a war because the lying and deception is at extreme levels.

We know that during the war both the British and French governments gave the Zionists a document which offered support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine, although in such a vague manner that neither government was actually committing to anything.

The questions I cannot answer are: Did the Zionists outsmart the British and French in order to get those documents? Or did the British and French give the Zionists those documents in an attempt to use the Zionists in some manner? Or (most likely) were all three groups trying to take advantage of one another?

Some historians believe the British government was trying to use the Zionists to bring America into the war, thereby providing Britain with some assistance. In this scenario, Britain wanted the Zionists to encourage the American Jews to put pressure on the American government to get into in the war.

Other historians believe that some British government officials may have been thinking that it would be to Britain's advantage to have Zionists in Palestine because that would put some friends of Britain near the Suez canal.

Furthermore, some historians believe that some British officials also made promises to Arabs, while other officials made promises to France.

If this situation seems confusing, remember, this was a time of war. Individual government officials sometimes act on their own, promising things they cannot deliver, and promising things that conflict with the promises of other officials. And sometimes government officials make promises that they have no intention of keeping.

Nobody will ever know exactly what the Zionists, British, or French were thinking (most of those people are dead already), or who was involved in what, or how these three groups were trying to use, abuse, and/or double cross one another. All we know is that in June of 1917 the French gave the Zionists a document that expressed support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine, and in November of 1917 the British government did also.

The French document was so vague that it essentially stated, "Hey, a homeland for Jews! Great idea! Good Luck!"

The British document had a bit more substance. Not surprisingly, the French document never became important to the Zionists, while the British document became referred to it as the “Balfour Declaration”.

The Balfour Declaration stated that the British government would help the Jews create a homeland in Palestine as long as it did not bother the Palestinians. Exactly how the British could accomplish such a feat was what we might refer to as “a minor detail” that the British never bothered to explain. The British government had agreed to something that they could easily back out of on the grounds that they cannot see how they can help the Jews without annoying the Palestinians.

What this means is that the Zionists did not get anything of value from the British or the French.

Did the British or the French get anything from the Zionists? Since it appears that the Zionists helped encourage America to get into the war, it seems that the British got what they wanted. Therefore, we might say that it appears as if the British outsmarted the Zionists in this particular situation.

Britain becomes guardian of Palestine
World War One changed the situation dramatically in Palestine because Turkey was a loser in that war. British troops in 1918 drove the Turks out of Palestine. The Palestinians then became free to have their own nation again, but they did not have a government because they had been under Turkish control for many generations.
Britain agreed to maintain some troops in Palestine and protect the area until 1948 in order to give the Palestinians have a chance to form their own government and recover from the war. This policy became official in 1922 when the League of Nations agreed to the plan. The British protection was scheduled to stop in 1948, at which time it was assumed the Palestinians would be capable to taking care of themselves.

The protection of Palestine by the British created a dilemma for the Zionists. The goal of Britain was to protect Palestine from outside forces, and that meant protecting them from Zionists.

However, the Balfour Declaration would come back to haunt the British. When Turkey had control of Palestine, that declaration was a meaningless piece of paper. Now that Britain was guardian of Palestine, the Jews would use it to pressure the British into letting Jews emigrate to Palestine.

After the war the Jews took the Balfour Declaration to the League of Nations and convinced them to approve it also. Then they could put even more pressure on the British government by saying that even the League of Nations agrees to the idea of a Jewish home in Palestine. The Zionists had outsmarted the British.

Jews arrive in Palestine in large numbers
The Jews would push the British government into allowing a group Jews to emigrate to Palestine. However, whenever a group of Jews arrived in Palestine, it would cause fights with the Arabs. The British would respond by forbidding more Jews from emigrating to Palestine. The Jews would then repeat the process. They would hold up the Balfour Declaration and beg, plead, and manipulate.
Time after time the British government officials would agree to allow another group of Jews to emigrate to Palestine, which would create fights in Palestine, and then the British would forbid Jews from emigrating to Palestine. This cycle repeated over and over. Palestine was becoming a battlezone between Zionists and Palestinians, and the Zionist population kept rising.

The British government let themselves get pushed into a ridiculous situation. They had signed the Balfour Declaration which gave their approval to a Jewish homeland in Palestine, but their main priority was to protect Palestinians. There was no way the British could appease both groups of people. They ended up doing what politicians in democratic nations do all the time. Namely, they occasionally appeased both groups. The end result was that the situation became more of mess than before they got involved.

As the population of Jews in Palestine increased, the Jews became increasingly arrogant and demanding. Some of the Jews eventually reached a point where there were no longer content to kill only the Arabs; specifically, they occasionally attacked the British, and even killed some British soldiers. Israel had become more important than the lives of their British friends.

The Americans could have been the first Nazis
The Zionists were considered terrorists prior to 1948, by both the British and Americans. It is interesting to consider that if the Americans had been conducting their self-righteous, anti-terrorist campaign during the early 1900's, they would have been tossing those Daisy Cutter and other adorable bombs with cute names all over Palestine in order to kill the Zionists and defend both the Palestinians and the British. The Americans would have been killing Jews before Hitler came to power.

The Jews benefitted from Hitler more than from Moses
The Zionist movement changed dramatically when Hitler came to power. As you probably know, the Nazis considered the Jews to be a menace to society. When the Nazis first acquired power in 1933, they confiscated businesses from the Jews and harassed them. The Nazis wanted the Jews to get out of Germany. There are also reports that Zionists wanted Jews out of Europe and into Palestine to help with the creation of Israel. With so many people wanting to get Jews out of Europe, it is not surprising that many of the Jews reacted by leaving Germany.
The flow of Jews out of Germany helped the Zionist movement because some of those Jews decided to join the Zionist cause. Some of those Jews moved to Britain where they assisted in outsmarting the British government officials into allow Jews to move to Palestine. Some Jews moved to America where they assisted in outsmarting the Americans government officials. Other Jews moved to Austrialia, Canada, and other nations, where they they assisted in outsmarting those governments.

Sometime after 1940 the Nazis decided that driving the Jews into the neighboring nations was not solving the Jewish problem since many Jews were refusing to leave Germany. The Nazis decided to put those stubborn Jews into concentration camps. This turned out to be the greatest thing that has ever happened to the Jews. After World War Two was over the Jews would hold up the concentration camps and use them to gain pity from everybody on the planet. Of course, there are rumors that some Jews were helping the anti-semitism in order to drive Jews to Israel. According to these rumors, a few Jews were willing to sacrifice thousands of dumb Jews in order to help Israel develop.

From 1945 onward, the world has become saturated with sad stories about the Holocaust. It seems as if every Jewish author has written at least one book, play, or article about the Holocaust. It seems as if every Jewish moviemaker has created at least one Holocaust movie. It is difficult to get through a single day in America without hearing at least one reference to Nazis or Holocaust victims.

Consider just a few more examples of how the Jews use Hitler:

Saddam was described as “the Hitler of the Mideast”.

In 1984 Nathan Perlmutter of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, and Nat Hentoff of the Village Voice, referred to Minister Farrakhan as a "Black Hitler."

In May 2001 the President of Syria complained about Israel's occupation of Syria and Palestine. The next day many people in the media referred to him as a Hitler.

Where would the Jews be today if it hadn't been for Hitler?
Every group of people can claim to have been a victim of a holocaust, and everybody can accuse their attackers of being “a Viking Hitler”, or "a Chinese Hitler", or "a Protestant Hitler", or "an Aztec Hitler".
Even Christians use Hitler and Nazis to manipulate emotions. Was it Rush Limbaugh who created the word "feminazis" to refer to women he did not like?

You might find it interesting to imagine how awful the world would be if every group of people and every religion were to saturate us with their particular holocaust stories in movies, newspapers, and daily conversations. Imagine day after day, year after year the French repeat holocaust stories of how they suffered abuse from the British and the Germans. Imagine the victims of Napoleon and the French Foreign Legion bombarding us with their holocaust stories. How about the Native Americans providing holocaust stories about how they suffered from the European immigrants? Don't forget the central Europeans who have holocaust stories about how they suffered from the Nazi-Vikings.

It seems as if most books and movies in America find a way to remind us of Hitler or Nazis. Imagine that every group of people were to provide as many holocaust books and movies as the Jews. Imagine that every time you look in a newspaper or magazine, or every time you watch the TV news, you have to put up with somebody's holocaust story.

None of the books or movies about the Holocaust are serious; rather, they try to stimulate pity of Jews and hatred of Nazis. The Holocaust stories are attempts to manipulate, not educate.

The Jews are simply exploiting the suffering and death of their fellow Jews. The moment a Jew suffers or dies, the other Jews look for ways to exploit the situation. It reminds me of the way cockroaches immediately begin eating one another when one of them dies.

It also reminds me of the way American lawyers try to profit from crimes and fights. Our lawyers are not interested in understanding why fights or crimes are occurring, nor do they show any desire to prevent future problems. Instead, they look for ways to profit from other people's problems.

America becomes a Superpower
World War Two changed the world in one other very significant way. Specifically, it put America into the role of world leader.
In 1945 America found itself with lots of advanced European technology and weapons. A group people with almost no understanding of Palestine, Zionism, or much else, suddenly became the world leader.

"It's your problem now; we're out of here!"
Britain had agreed to remove its soldiers from Palestine in 1948. It was assumed that by 1948 the Palestinians would be ready to function as an independent nation. Unfortunately, in the decades prior to 1948 the Zionists had been moving into Palestine and fighting with the Palestinians in an attempt to drive them off the land. The Palestinians never got their government established due to the fighting, terrorism, and chaos.
When World War Two began, Britain turned its attention to the war. After the war they were busy recovering from it. The British people were no longer much interested in protecting Palestine; rather, there were more concerned about their own nation. The British government decided to remove their troops in 1948 despite the fact that the Palestinians were not ready to govern themselves. In February of 1947 Britain warned the United Nations that the problem will be in their hands in 1948.

So, in 1947 the representatives at the United Nations discussed what to do with this disaster in Palestine. Somebody brought up the suggestion that Palestine be divided into a Jewish area and a Palestinian area. He even provided a map and showed how to divide the land. The Palestinians and other Arab nations considered this to be unacceptable.

Government officials in democratic nations tend to be submissive; ie, they try to please as many people as possible. British government officials are no exception. Voting for the proposal to divide Palestine would upset the Palestinians, and voting against it would upset the Zionists. The solution the British officials came up with was to avoid voting. Nine other nations also decided not to vote.

The United Nations is nothing more than a meeting place where representatives discuss issues (and avoid controversial issues). The representatives discussed this proposal to divide Palestine, but since the nations could not agree to anything, nothing was done about it. The United Nations then ignored the problem and moved on to other issues.

How will the world ever become a nice place to live when democratic government officials have this tendency to please as many people as possible and avoid controversial problems?

The United Nations is regarded by millions of people as a great organization that solves problems, but I challenge you to find one problem that it has solved. The UN representatives discuss a lot of issues, but they don't solve any problems. When the United Nations makes a decision to do something, such as to bomb Iraq in 1991, it is due to pressure by America. America virtually controls the United Nations. (Ariel Sharon supposedly announced to the Israeli government that the Jews control America, in which case the Jews actually control the United Nations.)

Israel is announced in 1948
At midnight on May 14, 1948 the British were officially ending their protection of Palestine. The Palestinians did not yet have a real government, and neither did the Zionists. The British were taking their troops away from two groups of leaderless people who were fighting with each other. The British did not care, and neither did the United Nations. In fact, nobody cared. Most of Europe was recovering from war, and most of the rest of the world had plenty of their own problems to deal with. Nobody wanted to get involved in the fighting between the Palestinians and Zionists.
The Zionists announced that at midnight -- the moment the British were officially gone -- the nation of Israel will officially begin. They decided to use the borders that were discussed at the United Nations in 1947.

Not surprisingly, the Arab nations were annoyed with this announcement, and the fighting escalated to a serious war.

Most nations ignored the announcement about Israel. Initially, nobody considered Israel to be a nation. The exception was America.

Midnight in Palestine was 6:00 pm at the US Capitol. According to the Truman archives, 11 minutes after 6:00 pm President Truman signed a document that recognized Israel.

How did Truman come to this decision so quickly? Did the Congress, the President, and the American citizens hold meetings and discuss the issue of the fighting between Palestinians and Zionists? Did the Americans decide within 11 minutes that the best solution to this problem is to recognize Israel and ignore the Palestinians? Or had the Americans been discussing this issue for many years already?

Most Americans who are alive today have no idea what Zionism is, and no understanding of the history of Palestine or Israel. The Americans alive in 1948 were just as ignorant. The decision to recognize Israel did not come from serious discussions by the American people or the American government. Rather, it was due to manipulation by Jews.

The Jews outsmarted and manipulated Truman and other American government officials into recognizing Israel, just as they outsmarted and manipulated the British government officials into allowing Zionists to move to Palestine. The Jews also outsmarted and manipulated most of the American and British citizens.

How did the Jews manipulate Truman?
Let's look at the Truman library. I selected the following entries from what is a very brief summary of Truman's daily activities. You can find the complete listing at this site:
My comments are underneath the entries.


October 17, 1947: President Truman writes to Senator Claude Pepper: "I received about 35,000 pieces of mail and propaganda from the Jews in this country while this matter [the issue of the partition of Palestine, which was being considered by the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine from May 13, 1947 to August 31, 1947] was pending. I put it all in a pile and struck a match to it -- I never looked at a single one of the letters because I felt the United Nations Committee [United Nations Special Committee on Palestine] was acting in a judicial capacity and should not be interfered with."
The Jews would inundate Truman with mail in an attempt to manipulate him. The following entry shows that Truman was trying to ignore them:


December 12, 1947: President Truman writes to Chaim Weizmann, president of the Jewish Agency for Palestine and the World Zionist Organization, that it is essential that restraint and tolerance be exercised by all parties if a peaceful settlement is to be reached in the Middle East.

Truman's remark to Weizmann is similar to those that our government leaders give to Israel today. Specifically, Truman did not want to support the killings by the Zionists, but he did not have the emotional strength to say so directly. Truman was an emotional weakling, as most democractic government official are. Instead of facing problems and thinking for himself, Truman was easily manipulated by a small number of Jews. Stalin also found it easy to manipulate Truman and other democratic leaders.

Trumam made a very mild, polite suggestion for the Zionists to restrain themselves. Can you imagine if the police were so emotionally timid that they politely asked Jeff Dahmer to “exercise restraint and tolerance”?


February 21, 1948: Eddie Jacobson, a longtime and close personal friend of President Truman, sends a telegram to Truman, asking him to meet with Chaim Weizmann,...

Weizmann flies to America, and a Jewish friend of Truman tries to convince him to meet Weizmann. Why a personal meeting? Why not correspond by letter or telephone? The reason is that people can be manipulated in person much easier than with a letter. Weizmann wanted a personal meeting with Truman in order to manipulate him.


February 27, 1948: President Truman writes to his friend Eddie Jacobson, refusing to meet with Chaim Weizmann...

Truman certainly knew that the only reason Weizmann wanted a personal meeting was so that he could push Truman into supporting the Zionists.


March 13, 1948: President Truman's friend Eddie Jacobson walks into the White House without an appointment and pleads with Truman to meet with Chaim Weizmann, ..

Here we find Truman's Jewish “friend” taking advantage of him. Was Jacobson really Truman's “friend”? Or was Jacobson maintaining this friendship for the potential benefits?


March 18, 1948: President Truman meets with Chaim Weizmann. Truman says he wishes to see justice done in Palestine without bloodshed, and that if the Jewish state were declared and the United Nations remained stalled in its attempt to establish a temporary trusteeship over Palestine, the United States would recognize the new state immediately.
At this meeting, Weizmann pressured Truman into agreeing to immediately recognize the state of Israel the moment it is established. Truman is not permitted to think about it or discuss this issue with the nation. Truman is like a child around Weizmann.


April 11, 1948: President Truman's friend Eddie Jacobson enters the White House unnoticed by the East Gate and meets with Truman. Jacobson recorded of this meeting: "He reaffirmed, very strongly, the promises he had made to Dr. Weizmann and to me; and he gave me permission to tell Dr. Weizmann so, which I did. It was at this meeting that I also discussed with the President the vital matter of recognizing the new state, and to this he agreed with a whole heart."

Again his Jewish “friend” slips in and pressures him into promising to carry through with the verbal promise he made with Weizmann. Do your friends treat you like that at your job? Are you as emotionally weak as Truman?


May 13, 1948: Chaim Weizmann writes to President Truman: "I deeply hope that the United States, which under your leadership has done so much to find a just solution [to the Palestine situation], will promptly recognize the Provisional Government of the new Jewish state. The world, I think, would regard it as especially appropriate that the greatest living democracy should be the first to welcome the newest into the family of nations."

One day before Israel announces its independence, Weizmann again contacts Truman for one final bit of praise, followed by a suggestion of what Truman should do. He then finishes by implying Truman will be considered a great man for recognizing Israel.


The Truman diaries show that Jews contacted Truman time after time after time. They also sent tens of thousands of letters. They would take advantage of America's (and Britian's) emotionally weak and stupid government officials. When Truman refused to meet with the Jews, his “friend” would show up unannounced and pressure him to allow the meeting. If Truman made a verbal promise to the Jews, the Jews would come back and make sure that he really intended to keep it.

Keep in mind that Truman was certainly only one of many government official that the Jews were outsmarting and manipulating. For all we know, 90% of America's government officials were (and still are!) being manipulated by Jews. There are also non-Jewish Americans outsmarting and manipulating the American government officials. Jews aint the only people who manipulate America's government. The American voters consistently elect emotionally defective officials, and as a result, the USA is wide open for abuse.

The Truman Library has a photograph of the “document” that Truman signed that gave recognition to Israel. The photograph shows two creases in the paper, suggesting that it had been placed in an envelope, perhaps for mailing. Did Truman do that? Or did the people who archive documents do it?

I would not be surprised if Weizmann typed the document and mailed it to Truman. Then Truman held onto it until he was told to sign it. When the orders came in from Weizmann, Truman made a couple of handwritten corrections to the document, stamped it, and signed it. Take a look:

Even if Truman typed it himself, is this your idea of a proper government?

America ignores the Palestinians
Truman was manipulated into recognizing Israel, but Truman never did anything to deal with the Palestinian problem. It never occurred to the American government that they cannot simply ignore all those Palestinians, many of whom were very angry. Or, perhaps Truman wanted to do something for the Palestinians but every time he talked about the Palestinians, his Jewish “friend” would appear and talk him out of it.
If America consisted of intelligent, educated people, they would have discussed the issue of what to do with the Palestinians. But the decision to recognize Israel did not come from the American people, nor did it come from Truman. Rather, that decision came from the Jews. The American people were just pawns in their plans to create Israel. America was not Israel's friend; rather, America was just another nation of idiots to exploit.

Most Americans did not understand what was going on in Palestine. The end result is that after the British tried for decades to protect the Palestinians, the Americans came in 1948 to help the Zionists create Israel and assist them in their killings of Palestinians.

Americans alter their language in 1948
There was no official announcement of the change, but sometime around 1948 the American government and media changed the way it used a few words, such as “terrorist”. For a few examples, the Palestinians became “terrorists”, and the Zionists became Israeli “settlers”. The Palestinians wanted “war”; the Israelis wanted “peace”. The Palestinians became “murderers”, the Israelis became “defenders” of their land.
Who brought about these changes in the use of these words? Did the American Congress or the American people hold meetings and seriously discuss which of these groups of people should be labeled as “terrorists”? Of course not. This is just another example of how the Jews outsmart the American people and their inept goverment. In the land of the Wretched Refuse, the Jew is King.

Israel expands in the war of 1948
The Zionist movement created the impression that they were a peaceful movement to find a home for Jews, but when independence was declared in 1948, they somehow brought out a lot of weapons to fight the Arab nations. Where did so many weapons come from? Did America have a secret weapons smuggling program in operation?
In January of 1949 Israel shot down five British air force planes. The Israelis once again attacked their British friends, and once again, their British friends just pulled down their pants, bent over, and said, "Go ahead, mate; do it to me again." I am truly amazed that a few Jews can manipulate entire nations. While the USA has always been just a gathering place for criminals, retards, and misfits, which would explain why there is so much crime, corruption, and manipulation, how do we explain the ease at which a few Jews dominate Britain and other "normal" nations? Are Jews more intelligent than other people?

Two important results of the 1948 war were that a lot of the Arabs were chased out of Palestine (and many were killed), and the Jews grabbed more land from the Arabs.

Britain finally recognizes Israel
Once America recognized Israel as a nation, other nations slowly followed within days, weeks, or months. Britain was the exception. The British government refused to accept least for a while.
On April 27, 1950 Britain finally decided to recognize Israel as a nation. Why did Britain refuse to recognize Israel for almost two years? Do you recall that Truman needed only 11 minutes?

I suppose the Brits held off for two years because some British officials were tired of being outsmarted by the Jews. But after two years the Brits gave up, pulled their pants down yet again, and let the Jews continue the abuse.

Jews exploit America for money and weapons
Whenever fights would break out between Israel and Arabs, the Jews within America would fill the news reports with emotional stories of murderous Palestinian terrorists and innocent Israeli settlers. The ignorant American people never questioned those reports. Rather, they pitied the Jews.
The Jews convinced the American government to provide Israel with money and weapons. Through the years the Jews would increase the amount of money they wanted, and today Israel is getting several billion dollars each year. As America give billions to Israel, our schools complain of a lack of money and our government complains it cannot affort to create a proper train system. The USA is like a retarded girl who has been tricked by the neighborhood boys into letting them have sex.

America purchases peace with the Arabs
Eventually America began giving billions of dollars each year to Egypt and a few other Arab nations in an attempt to convince them to accept Israel. The end result is that we are spending an incredible amount of money each year in an attempt to keep Israel alive.

Christians also support Israel
Christians have wanted to drive the Moslems out of Palestine for centuries. This makes it difficult to figure out if a particular Christian is supporting Isreal because he has been outsmarted by a Jew, or if he truly believes that Jesus wants him to fight with the Arabs.
For example, this page of The Christian Science Monitor web site summarizes Israel's history:

Here is their entire entry for 1947:

1947. UN partitions Palestine into two states - one for Jews, one for Palestinians.

The Christians who read this are certain to get the impression that the United Nations created Israel.

Have the people of the Christian Science Monitor been so deceived by Jews that they do not understand how Israel was created? Or, are these Christians also trying to deceive us in order to promote Israel?

I have met more than one Christian who supports both Israel and the killing of Arabs in order to protect the birthplace of Jesus. I suppose those Christians worry that the Arabs will dig up the dirt that Jesus lived on, haul it to the ocean, and then using the hole as a garbage dump. Therefore, I would not be surprised if some Christians are deliberately distorting history in order to promote their particular neurotic fantasies that Jesus wants them to kill Arabs.

The Arabs have been living in Palestine for thousands of years. They have not destroyed the birthplace of Jesus yet, so why do the Christians worry that the Arabs will do something to it in the future?

I have also met Christians (one had a PhD in geology) who believe that Muslims deserve to die because their religion is disgusting and the Arabs are an inferior race. What would happen if those ignorant and violent Christians got control of our newspapers, government, schools, or television news networks?

Many people worry about Jews getting control of the USA, but for all we know the USA would be much worse if those Christians got control. What sort of slaughters would Jerry Falwell and others promote if they had dictatorial control of the USA? Abuse by intelligent Jews might be better than abuse by neurotic, hypocritical Christians. Perhaps this explains why the Brits allow the abuse; ie, perhaps the Brits enjoy S&M and other forms of abuse, and perhaps abuse by Jews is better than abuse by other groups of people!

Christians may be our bigger problem
The Christian population of America is many times larger than the Jewish population. Furthermore, the Jews seem more intelligent. Which is really the USA's biggest problem: the horde of violent, hypocritical Christians who are easily manipulated, or a small number of Jews?

Do American universities lie, also?
The University of Michigan has a web site to help the students to understand Israel. Take a look at their timeline of the important events in the history of Israel.


1936-39 Palestinian nationalist uprising against Britain. Britain proposes partition of Palestine and expulsion of 250,000 Palestinians.

This entry tells us that the Palestinians attacked the British for a "nationalist uprising". What exactly does that mean? Did the Palestinians have the audacity to demand Palestine be their own nation?

Those people are refered to as "Palestinians" because Palestine has been their home for thousands of years! The Zionists are the intruders, not the Palestinians.

Furthermore, the population of Palestine in 1936 was very small, so a quarter million Palestinians was a significant percentage of the Palestinian population. Where would Britain deport that many Palestinians to?


1944-47 Jewish-British War. Jewish groups in Palestine try to expel Britain. Mainstream Jewish fighters under David Ben Gurion are called Hagana. They later become the Israeli army. Two separate military groups (Irgun Zvai Leumi led by Menachem Begin and Lehi or the Stern Gang led by Yitzhak Shamir) resort to assassination and bombings. Many British soldiers and Arab civilians are killed.
In this entry the university admits that the Jews attacked their British friends, but it does not refer to these Israelis as terrorists or murderers. Nor does the university point out that the Jews turned against their "friends". Nor does the university discuss the interesting issue of why the British are regularly bending over and letting a few Jews abuse their nation.

The University of Michigan is either trying to deceive us in order to promote Israel, or they are as uneducated about world history as the average American. Either way, the teachers should be told to find another job.

American schools are not educating students about world history. Rather, they teaching lies and distortions.

Sites with historial documents

The Truman Library's info on Israel

Fordham University; historial documents

Yale University's copy of the 1947 UN Resolution 181

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Triple Exthnics: Nathan Abrams on Jews in the American porn industry,
Jewish Quarterly (UK), [print edition] 2005, p. 27-30


"A story little told is that of Jews in Hollywood's seedier cousin, the adult film industry. Perhaps we'd prefer that the 'triple exthnics' didn't exist, but there's no getting away from the fact that secular Jews played (and still continue to play) a disproportionate role throughout the adult film industry in America. Jewish involvement in pornography has a long history in the United States, as Jews have helped transform a fringe subculture into what has become a primary constituent of Americana. These are the 'true blue' Jews. Smut peddlers

Jewish activity in the porn industry divides into two (sometimes overlapping) genres: pornographers and performers. Though Jews make up only two percent of the American population, they have been prominent in pornography. Many erotica dealers in the book trade between 1890 and 1940 were immigrant Jews of German origin ...

In the postwar era, America's most notorious pornographer was Reuben Sturman, the 'Walt Disney of porn.' According to the US Department of Justice, throughout the 1970s Sturman controlled most of the pornography circulating in the country ... By the mid-80s he owned over 200 adult bookstores ... It was said that Sturman did not simply control the adult-entertainment industry, he was the industry.

Eventually he was convicted of tax evasion and other crimes and died, disgraced, in prison in 1997. His son, David, continued running the family business. The contemporary incarnation of Sturman is Steven Hirsch, a 43-year-old Jewish Clevelander who has been described as the 'Donald Trump of porno.' The link between the two is Steve's father, Fred, who was a stockholder-cum-lieutenant to Sturman. Today Hirsch runs the Vivid Entertainment Group, which has been called the Microsoft of the porn world, the top producer of 'adult' films in the US. His specialty was to import mainstream marketing techniques into the porn business. Indeed, Vivid parallels the Hollywood studio system of the 1930s and 1940s, particularly in its exclusive contracts to porn stars who are hired and moulded by Hirsch ...

Jews accounted for most of the leading male performers as well as a sizeable number of female stars in porn movies of the 1970s and '80s. The doyen of the Hebrew studs is Ron Jeremy ... [H]e's the nebischy, fat, hairy, ugly guy (an image from his web site opens this article) who gets to bed dozens of beautiful women. He presents an image of a modern-day King David, a Jewish superstud who supersedes the traditional heroes of Jewish lore ...

As probably the most famous Jewish male porn star, Jeremy has done wonders for the psyche of Jewish men in America ... Seymore Butts, aka Adam Glasser, is everything that Jeremy is not: young, handsome, and toned ... Within a few years, 'Seymore Butts' -- his nom de porn which is simultaneously his sales pitch -- became one of the largest franchises in the adult-film business ... [H]e is today probably the most famous Jewish porn mogul ...

Glasser employs 12 people, including his mother and cousin ... Gertzman (Jay Gertzman, author of Bookleggers and Smuthounds: The Trade in Erotica, 1920-1940) explains that 'Jews, when they found themselves excluded from a field of endeavor, turned to a profession in which they sensed they could eventually thrive by cooperating with colleagues in a community of effort' ... The adult entertainment business required something that Jews possessed in abundance: chutzpah .. Of course, the large number of Jews in porn were mainly motivated by the desire to make profits ... As Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the ADL, commented, 'Those Jews who enter the pornography industry have done so as individuals pursuing the American dream" ...

Sturman ... identified as a Jew -- was a generous donator to Jewish charities -- and the performer Richard Pacheco was once interviewed to be a rabbinical student ... Is there a deeper reason, beyond the mere financial, as to why Jews in particular have become involved in porn? There is surely an element of rebellion in Jewish X-rated participation. It's very taboo and [its] forbidden nature serves to make it attractive.

As I have written in these pages before, treyf signifies 'the whole world of forbidden sexuality, the sexuality of the goyim, and there all the delights are imagined to lie ..." (Reel Kashrut, Jewish food in film, JQ 189, Spring 2003) According to one anonymous industry insider quoted by E. Michael Jones in the magazine Culture Wars (May 2003), 'the leading male performers through the 1980s came from secular Jewish upbringings and the females from Roman Catholic day schools.' The standard porn scenario became, as a result, a Jewish fantasy of schtupping the Catholic shiksa ...

Extending the subversive thesis, Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry can be seen as a proverbial two fingers to the entire WASP establishment. Some porn stars viewed themselves as frontline fighters in the spiritual battle between Christian America and secular humanism.

According to [Luke] Ford, Jewish X-rated actors often brag about their 'joy in being anarchic, sexual gadflies to the puritanical beast'. Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion ...

Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw magazine, said (on, 'The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don't believe in authoritarianism." Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged ...

It is a case of the traditional revolutionary/radical drive of immigrant Jews in America being channeled into sexual rather than leftist politics. Just as Jews have been disproportionately represented in radical movements over the years, so they are disproportionately represented in the porn industry. Jews in America have been sexual revolutionaries. A large amount of the material on sexual liberation was written by Jews. Those at the forefront of the movement that forced America to adopt a more liberal view of sex were Jewish ..

Overall, then, porn performers are a group of people who praise rebellion, self-fulfilment, and promiscuity. What are we ashamed of? This brief overview and analysis of the role and motivations behind pornographers and performers is intended to shed light on a neglected topic in American Jewish popular culture. Little has been written about it."

[Nathan Abrams is a Lecturer in Modern American History at the University of Aberdeen. He has just completed a book on neo-conservatism in the United States.]
"Towering Men and Stout-Hearted Sisters": Book review of Jewish scholar Jay Gertzman's Bookleggers an Smuthounds

Jerusalem Post, March 9, 2000

"A great many of the publishers and peddlers of what was variously called flagitious, pornographic, or erotic literature were Jews, and most of those were German Jews who had learned the printing trades in the old country.

This fact of course fed right into the animosity of anti-smut crusaders who constantly decried the 'foreign, radical, corrupting' character of the smut peddlers. The main protagonists in this battle for the soul, if not the groin, of America were the patrician John Saxton Sumner of the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice, and Samuel Roth, a writer, poet and genuine man of letters and an equally authentic purveyor of sleaze. Roth, for example, not only published (and often pirated) works by Lawrence, Joyce, Miller and legitimate classics, but also printed and peddled flip books, pornographic playing cards, albums of 'French postcards' and the vulgarities known as 'Tijuana Bibles.'

Just to compound matters, during his various stints in prison Roth wrote works like Jews Must Live, a book of rabid anti-Jewish sentiment that Gertzman says still circulates in anti-Semitic circles today ... Gertzman himself acknowledges towards the end of his book that his uncle once ran the most notorious 'dirty bookshop' in Philadelphia. For that matter, Sam Roth's grandson is none other than Prof. James Kugel, the eminent Bible scholar at Harvard University. If there's a more complicated and surprising tribe on earth, I've yet to hear about it."

"Porners Must Live." San Francisco Bay Guardian, October 25, 2000

"The story of the Web's most influential pornophile is nearly unbelievable: the son of an Australian Christian evangelist, Ford converted to Orthodox Judaism in 1993 – a 'porn-again Jew' in Fordspeak – under the theological influence of right-wing Jewish talk-radio demagogue Dennis Prager (whose Web site Ford also runs).

As a result, Ford's site is not really a porn site at all. It's a daily chronicle of how devout Judaism and devout pornology play themselves out in one man's endless public arguments with himself. The basic premise: how can someone devote his professional life to an industry he believes is, in Ford's own words, 'profoundly destructive and hence immoral ... another form of rebellion against God.'

Ford is a religious Jew, not a cultural one, yet it is cultural Jews – 'non-Jewish Jews,' he calls them – with whom Ford's site is most invested, specifically all those non-Jewish Jews who get it on and buy and sell the getting-it-on in the porn industry. Like all of his polemics, Ford's essay on these Jews is a rambling collage of theories, interviews, and uncited historical references that never really coalesce into an identifiable argument.

Ford is less of an opinion maker and more of an archivist-chronicler, his agenda always buried beneath layers of deferral and ambiguity. In the piece, Ford turns the Jews-run-Hollywood riff into a Jews-run-porn riff, listing off the secret Hebraic roots of all the key players – Randy 'Andy Abrams' West, Barbara 'Stacy Mitnick' Dare. He also feeds the age-old anti-Semitic connection that Hitler turned into grounds for genocide in Mein Kampf – Jews as dirty, parasitic merchants of smut, disease, and moral pollution – by emphasizing the high number of Jewish porn publishers throughout smut's history."

Jews in pornography]. 2001

"Secular Jews play a disproportionate role throughout the sex industry ... Jews accounted for most of the leading male [pornography] performers of the 1970s and '80s ...

If the Torah [Pentateutch] command Jews 'to be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation,' and Judaism strongly opposes porn, why do Jews dominate porn? ... Pornographer Seymore Butts attributes the large number of Jews in porn to the desire for profits. Jews gravitate towards money ...

I have not yet met a Jewish guy who wasn't horny as a rabbit,' says [Jewish porn star] Nina Hartley, 'Culturally it's OK for Jews to act and for WASPs its different ... Plus, they get to have sex with all these beautiful blonde women ... Where else are you going to get a succession of shiksas [non-Jewish women] to bed you down?'"

Of Fraud and The Industry Standard, November 29, 2000

" is one of the more lucrative properties on the Web. InternetNews cited 'some industry experts' as estimating its worth at $250 million. Reuters went with a guesstimate by 'lawyers' of $100 million, and added that court documents indicate that the site's former owner, Stephen Cohen, who had been running the site since 1995, took home $17 million in salary and holds stock options worth $100 million.

In the court case, filed in 1998, Gary Kremen accused Stephen Cohen of stealing the domain name that he, Kremen, had first registered in 1994. Cohen, who all the stories noted has done prison time for fraud, allegedly forged a letter that persuaded Network Solutions (dossier) to transfer the name to him in 1995. Cohen then built into a destination that attracts 25 million visitors a day, according to Reuters.

All the reporters noted that the judge had ordered Cohen to pay $25 million into a court-controlled fund until damages (if any) are determined, because the court feared that Cohen was hiding his assets offshore."

[Stephen Cohen should not be confused with BENJAMIN Cohen, of England, who, at 18 years of age, became a millionaire with the founding of JewishNet and has since founded cyberbritain (featuring and

As mere sampling, other premiere Jewish Internet porn moguls include Seattle-based Seth Warshavsky, called "the Bill Gates of Smut" by the Los Angeles Times [Ehrman, M. 6-13-99, p. 26; read The Prince of Porn at] ; Jonathan Silverstein, the president of Cybererotica [Chairman: Ron Levi]; Peter Asher, the president of Vivid Entertainment Group (the "world's leading producer of adult films and videos" -- founded by Steven Hirsch and David James; read about the VEG porn team in Silicone Valley: When Porn Goes Public at the Industry Standard); and Danni Ashe, one of the major women entrepreneurs in the online porn field -- read the The Brains Behind the Boobs, at]

The Sordid Saga of, April 15, 1999

"Never mind the porn on If even half the allegations that [Gary] Kremen makes are true, the tale behind is the most sordid in the short history of the Internet economy

[Stephen] Cohen was convicted in 1991 for posing as a lawyer in a bankruptcy court in a scheme to bilk an elderly woman's creditors out of $200,000. According to court records, Cohen assumed the identity of several attorneys, forged phony deeds and cashier's checks, and attempted to hide the woman's assets. Cohen was sentenced to 46 months. It was his second conviction. In 1975, he was found guilty of grand theft and check kiting ... Within eight months of his prison release, Cohen controlled the domain name.

Cohen allegedly pulled off of the domain heist with a forged letter, dated 15 October 1995, to Network Solutions, the Net's registrar ... In an early interview, before Kremen raised his allegations, Cohen claimed that he had been using the name since 1979, as part of The French Connection, an electronic bulletin board he founded for 'swingers, nudist camps, and alternative lifestyles.' BBSs were the primary source of digital porn before the Web. Back then, he said, stood for 'Sex Communications ...

By the late '80s, Cohen had set up a real-world meeting place for French Connection swingers at a home in Orange County, California. Hundreds of couples met at 'The Club' on Friday and Saturday nights to swap partners. After neighbors complained, police arrested Cohen in 1990 on charges of operating a sex club in a residential zone. Cohen moved The Club elsewhere, and the charges were dropped ...

In late 1995, with Kremen temporarily stymied in his attempts to regain the domain, Cohen and four Orange County entrepreneurs dreamed up big plans for The grandest plan had little to do with the Internet. In January 1996, the group unveiled its bid to buy a Nevada brothel called Sheri's Ranch and transform it into a $100 million 'adult fantasy resort.' Named Wanaleiya, the Polynesian-themed resort would feature 500 exotic women who 'would not hesitate to see to your comfort and pleasure.'"

Criminal Enterprises: Pornography. Department of Criminal Justice and Police Studies, Eastern Kentucky University.

"Of the individuals indicted by the federal government in the MIPORN [Miami Pornography] operation, [Jewish porn mogul] Reuben Sturman was clearly the most important. Sturman presided over his business enterprises from his Sovereign News Company, headquartered in Cleveland.

Sovereign News was housed in a three-story, red-brick building, surrounded by chain-link fences and barbed wire and protected by the most modern and sophisticated electronic surveillance devices money can buy (Potter, 1986; Satchell, 1979). Sturman controlled pornography distribution warehouses in Baltimore, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Denver, Milwaukee, Buffalo, Toronto, Los Angeles, and Detroit. In addition, he was the principle owner of between 300 and 800 retail pornography stores around the country (May and Hosenball, 1981).

Sturman's Sovereign News Empire dominated the pornography industry and created an environment in which smaller operators and their distributors were dependent upon Sovereign News for their survival. A confidential FBI memorandum on the pornography industry said that [Sturman's business practices] have included the strong-arm shakedowns of other dealers, distributors, and suppliers throughout the United States, particularly on the West Coast."

Business Booms in Jail for Our Top Pornographer, Sydney Morning Herald [Australia], January 30, 1995

"An American criminal, David Sturman, whose father was once the largest distributor of hard-core pornography in the world, has been able to gain a substantial slice of the Australian pornography industry while serving a jail sentence in California. By using Australians to act as owners of his businesses in Sydney and Canberra, Sturman avoided probity checks which are essential in gaining a licence to operate. Two years ago, Sturman and his American partner, Mark Franks, set up a group of companies to control the importation, sale and distribution of pornographic videos from outlets such as the Adam and Eve shop in Canberra."

Ruined Reps., June 7, 2000

"Israeli porn producers are hiring actors who look like Egyptian stars ... According to the Nasserist Al-Arabi weekly publication ... film producers are tracking down actors who look like current Egyptian stars, and using them to shoot porn flicks in Israel. The films are then imported to Egypt and screened for paying customers.

Appeal is broad for such materials, because Egyptian cinema is the most popular in the Middle East. Al-Arabi said the goal of the porn films was to 'tarnish the reputation of Egyptian film stars.' The original actors are, of course, not pleased with the alternative personas that have been handed to them ... Yusra Alawi told reporters she is asking her attorney to obtain copies of the films and to pursue legal action against those responsible."

Ron Jeremy: Porn Buddha. Austin Arts Downtown, May-June 2001

"People call Jeremy addicted (to food), a tightwad, a clown, a spotlight hound and a man who can maintain an erection longer than any man in pornography. He claims not to use Viagra. He was born Ron Hyatt into a Jewish family who don't seem too put off by his ultimate career choice, although after the first porn film, his dad told Ron not to use his last name ... We are talking about a man who can count a film called Blow it Out Your Ass, as a typical title among the 1600 or so films he has appeared in."

Meet A Nice Jewish Porn Star Ron Jeremy looks more like your Uncle Moe than a sex god, By Naomi Pfefferman, Jewsweek

"'I‘m just a nice Jewish boy with one vice,' says Queens native Ron Jeremy. 'Twenty-three years of porn films.' Scott J. Gill’s documentary 'Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy,' which opens in select cities this month, chronicles the life and times of the unlikeliest Jew in the world — and the unlikeliest porn star.

The 48-year-old Jeremy dotes on his family. They dote on him. His dad's a physicist. His brother's a Harvard-educated executive. Most everyone else in the family has at least a master's degree. Jeremy earned his master's in special education from Queens College in part to help his disabled mother.

He looks more like your Uncle Moe than a sex god. But while he’s not so easy on the eyes (he’s nicknamed 'The Hedgehog' because he’s short, fat and hairy), he’s been paid huge sums to bed more gorgeous women than James Bond. Gill’s hilarious film — in which Jeremy fans jubilantly declare, 'He’s Jewish!' — stands apart from other movies on the porn biz that have emerged in the past decade ... At its core, the flick poses the question, 'How did a hammy kid from Flushing become the most recognized male figure in adult film?'

Answers begin to emerge when the documentary shows home movies of the young Jeremy (born Ron Jeremy Hyatt) mugging for the camera while opening Chanukah presents. 'He’s always been a performer,' says his sister. 'From the time he was in elementary school ... he always wanted to be the center of attention' ...

His family wasn’t thrilled with his career choice, but staunchly supported his First Amendment rights when a film-related bust forced him to fight in court (it was illegal then to film porn in Los Angeles). 'Jewish families tend to be more liberal than Christian ones,' says the performer, citing the preponderance of Jewish men in porn. 'They aren’t obsessed by the fear of the devil or going to hell' ...

The garrulous Jeremy — who hopes to wed his girlfriend in a synagogue and raise their kids Jewish — is momentarily silent when asked how he’d feel if he had a daughter who wanted to do porn."

Rebel without Clothes. New Haven Advocate.

"To many people, Nina Hartley would appear to be the embodiment of contradiction: a feminist who's also a veteran porn star and damn proud of it. Further confounding stereotypes, she's a public speaker as comfortable in a college lecture hall as on a strip club stage and a politically aware progressive -- a 'third-generation socialist,' she called herself in a wide-ranging 1989 interview in Shmate, a now-defunct progressive Jewish journal.

She's a 1985 graduate of San Francisco State University with a B.S. in nursing. Magna cum laude, at that. She entered the sex business in 1982, working as a stripper at a San Francisco club while she was in college. Hartley, who estimates she has appeared in 360 movies or videos, made her first film in 1984 ... Hartley's emergence as one of porn's top stars coincided with a burgeoning public debate over the medium ...

The opinionated and articulate Hartley entered the fray and has become the foremost spokesperson for women working in the porn industry.

Brazilian Police Stake Out Diplomat Accused of Running Kiddie-Porn Ring.

Jerusalem Post, July 6, 2000

"Brazilian police continued to surround the Israeli consulate in Rio de Janeiro in the belief that Israeli vice-consul in Rio Aryeh Scher, wanted on suspicion of running a child pornography ring, had taken refuge there.

However Foreign Ministry officials said Scher has been en route to Israel for the past two days. Scher, who was at one point consul-general in Rio, was declared a fugitive by Brazilian authorities after a search of his apartment on Tuesday yielded what police officials described as evidence it was used for the manufacture of pornographic material, some of them involving underage girls ...

Brazilian authorities notified the Israeli embassy of plans to revoke Scher's diplomatic immunity on Tuesday, prior to the search. By the time police were able to obtain a warrant to search Scher's penthouse, the vice-consul was already on his way back to Israel, where he will face a Foreign Ministry inquiry ...

The investigation that culminated in the search of Scher's apartment began when a 17-year-old girl accused Georges Schteinberg, a 40-year-old Hebrew teacher of using her as a model in pornographic pictures and of distributing them on the Internet. Photographs of nude minors posed on a car with diplomatic plates were discovered in a search of Schteinberg's residence earlier in the week, in addition to massive quantities of pornographic material. Police then traced the car in the pictures back to Scher."

Brother Posts Bail in Porn Case, San Ramon Valley Times, January 5, 2002


A Walnut Creek man accused of being the 'best customer' of Russian child pornography kingpins is now himself suspected of being a 'major distributor' of illegal sexual materials, federal officials disclosed Friday.

As the investigation of Seth Bekenstein, 39, continues to evolve, authorities are diving deeper into the world of a man they believe trafficked in vast amounts of kiddie porn, said Elise Becker, an assistant U.S. attorney. 'At this time, we do actually think he is a major distributor both in the United States and abroad,' Becker told Magistrate Wayne Brazil during a bail hearing Friday in U.S. District Court in Oakland. 'This has been his life for the past year.'"

Jewish Porn, World Union of Jewish Students

"After things like Jewish calendar, Jewish singles, Jewish dating, and Jewish festivals comes 'Jewish porn' in the list of top search keywords that provide. That is to say that 1000s of people are searching for Jewish porn. Why? ... Sam Stern is a guy. A guy who went on Young Judea year course in the early 90s. He lives in LA, spends his time making porn movies starring himself, and selling them on E-Bay. The guy is quite philosophical about his calling. Talks a lot about the strangeness of making porn on Yom Kippur, bits of guilt in the background, that sort of thing. Although mostly it really does seem that he is just kind of glad that he can make a living and have sex with porn stars. So, for circumcised hard-core porn, with a Jew in, find Sam."

Former N.J. Rabbi Admits Having Child Pornography, Newsday, February 26, 2002

"The former rabbi of a Morris County synagogue pleaded guilty Tuesday to having child pornography on his temple computer. Juda Mintz Jr., who now lives in Georgia, faces 27 to 33 months in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 ...

Mintz admitted that at that time he had at least 10 computer files containing photographs of minors engaging in sexual activity, including some images of children under 12. The synagogue said it cooperated with authorities. 'We deplore his actions and, indeed, relieved him of his duties because of them,' according to a statement released by synagogue vice president Jonathan Ramsfelder. 'During his tenure, (Rabbi Mintz) was viewed by many congregants as a warm, generous and dynamic rabbi and teacher. This was a loss.'"

Former Little League Administrator Faces Child Porn Charges, KFWB, March 6, 2002

"A former Long Beach Little League administrator is facing federal child pornography charges, according to the FBI. Signal Hill police and FBI agents arrested Laurent Blumenthal Tuesday after he was indicted on charges of possession of child pornography. Court documents allege the 65-year-old placed a hidden camera in his bathroom to secretly record young boys. The allegations were in an affidavit filed in support of a search warrant executed at Blumenthal's Signal Hill home on Jan. 14. Investigators also seized a computer at Blumenthal's home which allegedly had child pornography on the hard drive, according to the FBI."

Czechs Nix Plan to Shoot Porn Film at the Site of Terezin Transit Camp, JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency), March 25, 2002

"Czech officials have quashed plans to shoot scenes from a porno film at the former wartime transit camp of Terezin. Officials banned the use of video cameras at Terezin after reports that a porn movie would be shot there.

'I did the only thing I could do,' Jan Munk, director of a monument to Terezin victims, said. Munk´s move came after the Czech tabloid Super reported Saturday that the film, starring top Czech porn star Robert Rosenberg, who is also the film´s producer, is set at the end of World War II and will tell the story of how women at the camp were raped by Nazis.

The ban might be too late, however, since Rosenberg has already filmed some parts of the camp. The paper that printed the original article on the film, which also printed a collage of a semi-naked woman posing in front of a picture of Terezin, said the film's working title is 'How it Was.'"

Porn Upsets Palestinians, The Advertiser, March 31, 2002

"Porn movies and programs in Hebrew are being broadcast by Israeli troops who have taken over three Palestinian television stations of Ramallah, irate residents of the besieged West Bank town have told AFP. The offices of three local television and radio stations were occupied by soldiers yesterday morning, a few hours after tanks and hundreds of troops stormed the town in Israel's biggest offensive against the Palestinian Authority and its leader Yasser Arafat.

The soldiers started broadcasting the porn clips -- considered extremely offensive by most Muslims -- intermittently this afternoon from the Al-Watan, Ammwaj, and Al-Sharaq channels, the residents said. 'The pornographic movies started on Al-Watan television at around 3:30 pm,' one 34-year-old Palestinian mother named Reema told AFP. 'I have six children at home, they have nowhere to go with what is going on here and can't even watch TV,' she said angrily. 'It's not healthy really. I think the Israelis want to mess with our young men's heads,' she said.

Anita, a 52-year-old mother of three children, complained about "the deliberate psychological damage caused by these broadcast.'. 'I am furious, these are the people who are shooting at us that also play this disgusting trick on us,' she said. 'We are desperate for news and constantly flipping channels and get these terrible pictures instead,' adding that videos of the intifada were also shown backwards with 'ideal terrorism' written in red across the screen. 'Luckily, there is no electricity in half of Ramallah,' she said from her house in east Jerusalem where the channels are also available.

A fourth local station, whose premises were not seized by the army, ran a written message across its screen letting people know it was the Israelis who were behind the graphic scenes. 'Anything currently shown on Al-Watan and other local TV channels has nothing to do with Palestinian programs but is being broadcast by the Israeli occupation forces, we urge parents to take precautions,' the message said. The Israeli military denied that it had anything to do with the pornographic programming and instead blamed the Palestinian leaders."

How David Asimov, the Biggest Child Porn Processor in California Skated Away from Federal Prison with a Little Help from His Friends, News Making News, March 29, 2001

"David Asimov, of Living Oak Court, Bennett Ridge, Santa Rosa, the son of the late science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, was sentenced on March 28, 2001 to six months' home detention with electronic monitoring and three years federal probation for possessing child pornography.

U.S. District Court Judge Maxine M. Chesney sentenced Asimov after reviewing a series of sealed psychiatric reports, one of which was ordered by the court. Asimov who was charged with four federal counts of possession of child pornography with each count carrying a five year sentence, pled guilty to two counts in a plea bargain deal.

There was no forfeiture of any of Asimov's assets in this case, despite his owning a home in Santa Rosa purchased in 1996 for $375,000, and despite his receiving $3,000 per month from his father's estate.

How did Asimov, who possessed one of the largest stashes of pornography in California, skate away from federal prison? A look at the players yields the answer. Asimov's child porn stash was so big many child victims and perpetrators would have taken a fall, had Asimov been zealously prosecuted at trial."

Two actors face child porn charges,, Nov. 16, 2002

"A year-old pornography investigation has led to the filing of criminal charges against two Hollywood actors: Paul Reubens, best known as Pee-wee Herman, and veteran character actor Jeffrey Jones of 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off.'

Reubens was charged with one misdemeanor count of possessing materials depicting children under the age of 18 engaged in sexual conduct, said Ana Garcia, a spokeswoman with the City Attorney's office. He surrendered to authorities Friday and was released on $20,000 bail ... Reubens, 50, and Jones, 56, are acquaintances and both cases stem from the same police investigation, said Los Angeles County District Attorney spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons. ...

Reubens pleaded no contest to an indecent exposure charge in 1991 after he was arrested in Sarasota, Fla., for allegedly exposing himself in a movie theater. After that plea, Reubens' long-running 'Pee-wee Herman Show' was canceled and his star faded, although he has had supporting roles in a number of films since, including 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Blow.'"

Jewish Films To Watch at Sundance, [Jewish] Forward, January 17, 2003

"Andrew Jarecki brings to this year's Sundance [Film Festival] a new kind of legend — an indie who has already made a million ($388 million, to be exact, which is what AOL paid for his company, Moviefone, in 1999, keeping him on as CEO). The multitalented mogul, who has also penned and performed songs for the WB's late, lamented 'Felicity,' is showing his documentary 'Capturing the Friedmans,' one of several offerings topping the list of must-see films with Jewish themes ...

Buzz for 'Friedmans' is strong. In 1987, New York Newsday broke the story of Arnold Friedman, an upper-middle-class high school teacher from Great Neck, Long Island, who was arrested as part of a federal sting operation against mail-order pornography. Friedman's wife ran a childcare center from their home; Friedman was also a buyer of child pornography. As detailed in 'Capturing the Friedmans,' during the arrest agents began to suspect that children who came to the Friedmans' home for day care and after-school computer classes were being abused. Jarecki was given surprising access to the family's home videos, which he uses to sort through the various versions of the truth regarding the charges.

The Lady Is a Pornographer., June 26, 2000

""I'm the kink controller here at Click + Drag, which means I have to keep people in line,' says the 40-year-old [Abby] Ehmann. 'I make sure that nothing gets out of control -- just kinky' ... Ehmann has many titles in addition to kink controller. She is the 'editrix' of Extreme Fetish magazine -- dubbed 'The best alternative sex publication in New York' by TimeOut magazine. She is on the board of directors of Feminists for Free Expression, an organization that fights restrictions on free speech, and she is a writer and a performer. But for all her roles, Ehmann has only one mission: to satisfy the appetites of New Yorkers who are not sated by polite and sterile living ... She started a fanzine called Porn Free with the idea of giving away pornography. 'I thought, hey, there's a niche that no one is filling. Of course, it wasn't very profitable.' Ehmann gave up Porn Free after being approached in 1997 by D&L Enterprises, a publishing company, to be the editor of a fetish magazine. It was Ehmann's goal to create a sex publication that would provide fetishists with content suited to their needs. Each monthly issue of Extreme Fetish has a particular theme, such as latex, shoe fetishes or musclebound divas."

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Tor Økland Barstad said...

Om gjerdet: Å beskytte mot terrorister er uten tvil en av hensiktene med gjerdet, og det hjelper. Men om den eneste hensikten hadde vært å beskytte mot terrorister, hvorfor hadde ikke da Israel da bygd det langs sine egne grenser, det gjør de ikke i dag. Gjerdet fører blandt annet til at palestinerne kan miste herredømme over 40 prosent av vestbredden. Etter den første fasen er 13 palestinske landsbyer med en befolkning på 11 500 helt isolert. Ytterligere 95 000 palestinere, som tilsvarer 4,5% av befolkningen på Vestbredden, er delvis isolert av muren. Hele 121 000 mål jord ligger isolert mellom muren våpenhvile-grensene fra krigen mellom 1948 og 1949. Av disse 121 000 målene er 80 000 dyrket jordbruksmark. Muren går ofte gjenom landsbyer i Palestina, så folk blir skilt fra hverandre. Det er også eksempler på bønder som har mistet levebrødet sitt fordi jorda har havnet på den andre siden av gjerdet. Å beskytte seg selv har Israel all rett til, men de får holde seg til sitt eget område.

Ellers er jeg helt enig i at jøder har gått igjennom mye fært, noe jeg også synes er veldig trist. Jeg er også klar over at mange arabiske regimer er mye mer intolerante enn Israel. Men gir det Israel rett til å undertryklke arabere i Israel? For det er ingen tvil om at arabere og jøder ikke har like rettigheter i Israel. Rett til å eie jord er i all hovedsak forbeholdt jøder. I politiske rettigheter har jøder forrang. En rekke sosiale og trygdemessige ordninger gir også fortrinn for jøder. Om dette er et eksempler på løgnene mot Israel får du rette meg, men jeg tror ikke det. Siden 2000 har mer enn 4170 palestinske hus blitt revet av Israel. Hvorfor det? Fordi de tilhørte Palestinere. ( )

Fin blogg foresten, skal se mer innom her i fremtiden.

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