Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hi and welcome to the zionist website

I am not afraid to say that I support Israel - the land created for the Jews. Although Zionism may be seen as a racist ideology, it is quite sick that some people who actually have read about Zionism still characterize it as just that. Zionism is a way of thinking that the Jews have had for many hundreds of years, because where ever they were, they got beaten up, killed, spit on etc, and in most places they didn’t have the same rights as others. And they still don’t in some Arabic/Moslem countries! So is it so hard to realize that the Jews need to have their own land? The only Jewish land in the world? Is it so hard to believe, that Israel would be that place? The place where Jews have lived in for about 4000 years - the only place they could truly call theirs? Not only because it says so in the bible, but also because it’s the only place where Jews have been since.... since how long we have known about history. Let me also remind you that because of the Arab terror down there, the Israeli’s must defend themselves with the wall and with military defense. As soon as the terror stops- the wall will go down and the Palestinians will have equal rights, in their own country. But right now, Israeli soldiers MUST check Arabs crossing the borders if they have weapons or bombs. History shows us that more lives will be lost if the Israelis don’t take these things into consideration. Zionists should support Israel and the Jews, but also have the ability to reflect on each situation. They should also, like myself, have the ability to see what situation that were made by Israelis, was wrong, and what was not. But we must keep in mind that the media all around the world, with my Home Country Norway not being an exception I’m afraid, lies constantly about Israel. They do not only lie, but the tell us fragments of the truth, which gives us an un-balanced picture- and that truly also is a lie in the end. I have nothing against Palestinians (as we call them), but I DO have something against the fact that some of them, among others, do not want to make peace with Israel. Many people around the world, of all races, and even spokesmen of all religions, want to annihilate Israel and/or annihilate Jews. I want to tell them that their wish wont be so easy, though I understand very well if some people out there think that Israel will get annihilated. (Hint hint; Iran) And I want to tell you that we all should make the best of the situation and not sit back and think, "I am right, therefore I should win and you should lose". The conflict between Israeli’s and Palestinians should be, in the end, a win-win situation.